I saw this interesting article in the NYT.  (It's just so easy to read NYT in between experiments.)

I just LOVE this part:

From a purely Darwinian point of view, expecting a young woman to sacrifice her reproductive fitness for the sake of career advancement is simply too much, and yet the structure of academic research, in which one must spend one’s 20s and early 30s as a poorly compensated and minimally empowered graduate student and postdoctoral fellow, and the remainder of one’s 30s and into the low 40s working madly to earn tenure, can demand exactly that.

"Poorly compensated and minimally empowered graduate student."

I think I need a t-shirt that has that written on it in puff paint.  It really goes along with this nugget from 30 Rock, which I randomly saw for the first time during the season opener:


We may not be the best people.


But we're not the worst.


Graduate students are the worst.

I love my life!  Well, at least I love the fact that W is hopefully going to be sequestered in Texas and Obama is going to be large and in charge.

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