First of all, I am eating one of these right now and they are DELISH.  Yay for awesome NYC friends who visit!  These particular ones are from Junior's.

The boyfriend was traumatized that I "decapitated" his long stemmed roses.  But I like how they look like this:

The weekend also included:

Poster presenting of data, which is always good practice as well as being REALLY ANNOYING to do.

All-you-can-eat sushi.

Introduction to my long lost soul-mate: Blokus.  This game is very aesthetically pleasing and really speaks to the part of my brain that is obsessed with spatial recognition.

Winning at the soul crushing game of Settler's of Catan.  Victory in Settlers is pretty sweet.  I already have marked it in my calendar so that in the future I can celebrate Feb 15 as the day I won Settlers back in '09.

Making baked Brie with cranberry sauce.  There is no picture due to the fact it was inhaled.

Not to mention general frivolity with friends (like special friends visiting from NYC!).

Yay!  Now I will continue to stuff my face with sugar.  Mmmmm.  Black and white cookies are yums.

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