This week was Championship week on ESPN (we have cable now!!).  Awesome sports on TV = lots of crafting.  I made this bag to give as a birthday present for a friend.

Remember this awesome fabric?

Well…here it is in bag form:

There are some parts that really aren't that great.  The first being that I put fusible on the fabric to give it more shape, but I totally messed up on ironing one piece and it got all wrinkly and weird.  The second is that the binding around the edge is really uneven, but my patience was wearing out and I wanted to get it done so that I could give it to her today.

Finished!Zippered topWebbing straps

I made the straps long so that you can sling it over your body, which I find to be convenient.  My friend doesn't really like shoulder bags so I figured this way, she is more likely to use it if she can sling it over her head.  I also reinforced the webbing with invisible thread, which is good, and will allow more heavy use.  I put LOTS of pockets all around the perimeter of the inside of the bag.  As well as a key clasp because I am always searching for my keys and I also love pockets.  I have a lot of hair clips and chapstick.  I WILL MAKE WHAT I LIKE.

Keyring detailLots o' pocketsZiiiiippp.

The zipper was a lot easier to install than I thought it was going to be.  I bought a zipper foot attachment for my sewing machine, but I didn't end up using it because I figured out how to sew it without sewing over the zipper and breaking the needle and having it shoot into my eye.  (Re: shooting needle into eye = bad)
My friend really liked it so I can't wait to start my next project of making a huge bag for all my climbing gear.  I will have to sew in a pocket that can hold an air freshener because my climbing shoes are starting down the path of intolerable stinkiness.

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