I received a not so subtle hint that someone wanted a sewing craft.  Ta-da!  Elephants, giraffes and ROBOTS, duh.

I love the robot fabric because it says "ROBOT" all over it and the fabric is named "robot council" which is super cute.  Why do the Japanese have such a monopoly on cute things?

I also had to learn how to make a buttonhole on my sewing machine, which was actually not too bad.  It does involve a little bit of guesswork and width measuring.  It just a matter of putting the sewing machine on a certain setting and stiching evenly.  You have to make sure you measure the button well so that the button will fit through easily.  And then, of course you have to be precise in the cutting of the fabric.  Huge button?  HUGE BUTTONHOLE! 

The first recipient of a tote bag craft saw it and loved it.  And she immediately though to turn it inside out.  I didn't make it to be reversible, but SOPRESA!  It was.  I also learned to make a covered button which was also really fun and simple.  Cut out a large circle of fabric, cover a metal button, apply the back, bam, done.  But because the button was so HUGE I had to put a cute stabilizer button on the other side of the fabric.  Turquoise star!

That's boyfriend's arm up there in the corner.  He could totally be a QVC product model as his backup job.

I learned a lot more about sewing totes/purses now that I've made three of them.  I think my next step is to learn how to make a concealed zippered pouch on the inside.  The matching zippered pouch was really easy to make and I think that's kind of a basic start.

It would be so awesome to have an Etsy store.  Too bad I'm lazy.

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