I don't know why this has suddenly become a crafts blog, but it's better than me complaining about my PhD!  So here are more crafts.

Some zippered pouches specifically made to hold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:

And some zippered pouches for another June birthday:

I am annoyed that there is some pulling at the edge of those pouches.  I think I should have used a ball tipped needle instead of a sharp needle.  The ball tipped will push the fabric aside instead of ripping right into it and causing yucky pulling, letting the white backing show through.  The fabric has quite a sheen to it.  I should have known!  Oh well.

And finally, something for ME.  I really like this fabric–maybe because I was born in the year of the Rooster?  And…I have a French name?  It's by Alexander Henry and it's called "Le Coq de Granville."  I don't really care for the other fabrics in the Granville line, but I really like this one.  There's also a version in a family of reds, which I have but I don't like as much as the blues.

I know the lighting isn't that great, and them more I use my little Canon point and shoot, the more I want a SLR, but I thought it came out pretty well.  I decided to line it again (like the one I made for Irene's birthday) and this time it was MUCH easier and less of a pain in the ass.  I figured out some more efficient ways to sew things and it made it more of a pain-free process so I think I see more lined box bags in the future.  They are so useful!  I made this one to hold my earrings/limited jewelry.  This way it makes it easy for me to cart them around.

StrapLined insideHello tiny tag

I like the tiny tag I made for the side opposite the zipper pull.  Some how, the stitching came out just right so that it is practically flush with the top stitching on either side of the zipper.  I love when stuff like that works out.

In other news, a plant that a friend gave me to take care of suddenly became INFESTED with tiny tiny thingies.

Those white specks?  Yeah, they were moving with alarming speed.  I guess this is what happens when you try to grow stuff in lab.  Oh well.  The other plants seem to be doing well though, but no flowers yet.

Plant updates to follow, if anything exciting happens.

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