So…I heard this NPR show about birthers.  That's right.  BIRTHERS.  A term used to describe conspiracy theorists who believe that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the USA and therefore is illegitimate as President.  They are called Birthers after the "Truthers" of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  Now, I'm sure that's really something they want to be associated with.  Crazy people love being associated with other crazies. 

Normally Tom Ashbrook and his show "On Point" is one of those relatively interesting shows that I listen to in the car.  However, this particular show completely freaked me out.  Now I have been living in my weird graduate student bubble where I had no idea freaks like Orly Taitz existed.  I didn't even know about this whole "birther" thing!  Anyway, this woman who is leading the federal litigation against Obama is a dentist, real estate agent and lawyer?  A DENTIST??  And this article talks about how she got her law degree ONLINE.

Meanwhile, the media and Liz Cheney is giving a weird legitimacy to these crazy people:

I think Jon Stewart said it best:

If you want an exercise in personal anger management control, I highly suggest you listen to that hour of On Point.  Man, there are some serious crazy people out there.

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