I was reading this article and noting how creepy it was when my friend emailed me about it.  Notably, we are both creeped out by this photo.

First of all, who takes a picture like this?  Second of all, who SMILES while taking a picture of this?  It's so strange and inappropriate.

And of course, Dan Savage says it the best.  (For extra funness, look at comment #8 and then the reply at comment #10.  Thanks for picking up on that, Al!)

I'd just like to second and third and fourth what Dan Savage is translating for these people who think they they are pious by letting "God do what He's going to do":

What? If you were gonna let God do what He's going to do, you shouldn't have sought out fertility treatments. Here's what God was gonna do: God was gonna make you infertile. God did that, actually, and then you thwarted God's plan for you—that you be infertile—and availed yourselves of the latest medical technologies and sought the help fertility specialists. Then you ignored the advice of your doctors and refused to reduce the number of fetuses you were carrying and now four premature infants have died in great pain and two more will very likely die—but, hey, you'll get another smug, self-satisfied, just-letting-God-do-what-he's-gonna-do photo op out of it, so it's not a total loss. And it's all material for the blog you're writing about "your journey," and there'll probably be a book deal in it for you when it's all over ("Thom & Amanda Minus 6").

Yeah, I would have felt bad for them.  Would have.

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