I made my ultimate apple pie:


Pie angleIMG_0502

Oh man.  Not only did the lattice come out AWESOME, but it was super delicious.  Better than the crap pie I made a little while ago.  (Never again, Courtland apples!  You tricked me into thinking you would make a good pie, but you do not.)  I made this with a delicious CHEDDAR CHEESE crust.  Mmmm.  Salty and sweet and sour, soft and flaky and crunchy.  I love fall.

Here is a hilarious photo session outtake:

Oh, Madeline.  Your head is cute.

In other news, I really really really want a kitchenaid.  Specifically the Williams Sonoma 90th anniversary red one with the glass bowl.  No pressure. 

I made this pie as a thank you to a friend of mine who let me borrow his kitchen aid.  I was super productive with it.  I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, froze some (cookie at any time!) and baked some.  And I made an apple pie and TWO tomato pies.  All of that baking was in TWO days.  The other days the kitchenaid sat on the table, practically humming with potential to help create delicious foods.

One day, kitchenaid, when I have a real job, you will be mine.

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