So I was bopping around Flickr and stalking my most favorite Flickr stalkees, when I found THIS.  AWESOME.  I definitely love onion dip, but I really hate those gross packages of weirdness with the freeze dried green stuff.  Since we had a New Year's Eve party coming up, I decided to make the dip.  The original link and recipe can be found here, at 101cookbooks.  Of course I changed some stuff, as per usual.  I will give more detail below.

First, the dip I made was like biting into an onion.  It was so oniony it was practically spicy.  It was super crazy psychotically oniony.  Like, would you like some dip with your onion kind of oniony.  I made the recipe almost as she stated, but then I diluted that recipe to make one more palatable for normal people for the party.  Basically the party dip was like this:

1 cup Greek yogurt
3/4 cup sour cream
3/4 cup Seven Stars Farm organic yogurt
2 tablespoons onion powder
1/2 cup caramelized onions
some salt

I mean, this dip was still really oniony.  The container that I used to hold the onion dip STILL SMELLS LIKE IT RIGHT NOW.  I added the Seven Stars Farm yogurt because it is my most favoritest yogurt in the whole wide world and I'm obsessed with it.  Also, it is an extremely smooth velvety yogurt and it gives the onion dip a nice smooth texture, especially with the thick sour cream and thick Greek yogurt.  I mean, if you want a really hard dip, then leave it out, but I like my dip a little more smooth so that it doesn't break the chips.

Making caramelized onions takes a really long time.  Two tips: be patient and keep stirring.  Really.  Keep stirring like whoa.  Especially given how much onion you're cooking down in this recipe, stirring is the key to every single piece of onion getting cooked evenly.  If it seems like its burning, just keep stirring.  Caramelizing IS burning, just slowly and controlled over a period of time.  It took me about 45 minutes to get that time course picture up there.  Have patience.  Slap on an hour long podcast (Radio Lab, This American Life, Jordan Jesse Go) and stir, baby, stir.

You can also cut back on the onion powder to make it less pungent and less like a punch in the face.  Or you can eat it with your long time significant other because no one is going to want to make out with you after you eat this.

I really liked the combination of this dip and those trendy "veggie chips" that are available everywhere.  In Stop and Shop I think they keep them in the organic section.  Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have their own brands of it.  Why do I know?  Because I've tried them ALL, obviously.  Duh.

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