I got this AWESOME book for myself for my birthday:

I have been stalking this book for almost two years now.  It was out of print but then some copies were being sold for $125 which I almost considered buying.  Almost.  Until I realized that would be insane and stupid.  So I waited and waited to either find it in a library to make photocopies OR until they reprinted it.  Which they did!  It's such a great book.  I'm learning so many new techniques and the patterns/charts are awesome.  The only thing is that I kind of dislike all the colors she chooses because they are seriously clash-tastic, but that's not a problem because I'm relatively good at visualizing what colors will look like together.

A grad school friend's birthday was on Monday and I made these for her (a little delayed because I just finished them last night, but better late than never.  And it's definitely still cold enough to need them after the snow storm (not quite Snomaggedon) yesterday.  It's my favorite pattern in the book:

I love the crisp white and the heather dark sea green.  I'm annoyed because one mitten came out slightly larger than the other one AND I was stupid and carried one color under and the other over but then SWITCHED the order when I knitted the other mitten.  Because I'm stupid.  But it's barely noticable so I don't mind too much.

I love the cuff, it's purl and knit so the knit white really stands out.

There will be more knitting updates soon.  Lots of projects are getting finished up now that a certain SECRET project is completed.  More on that too!

Fellow knitters: all the down and dirty details can be found on my Ravelry.

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