For my mom's 60th birthday, I took her to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  I also met up with a high school friend who is a fellow orchid junkie. We were all first timers to the NYBG. The show was themed, "Cuba in Flower" and they played nice Cuban music in some of the exhibit rooms to set the mooooood.

I borrowed the SLR again, to test it out on some orchids.  I got better at it as the day went on.  Man, that thing is heavy.  As for the show, wow.  I was blown away. WHAT a show!  I could barely peel the camera away from my face.  I guess that explains why my right shoulder is kind of sore.

If you go to the gallery section of the NYBG website, you can see some great videos of how the exhibit was installed.  They installed the ENTIRE FOUNTAIN.  The fountain is supposed to be a replica of a similar sight in Cuba.  Amazing.  I can't believe the amount of work that went into it–not because the work was shoddy, but quite the opposite because I was BLOWN AWAY by how freaking awesome the exhibit was.

Orchids!Red accented orchidsPainted orchids

There was one hallway, which had perfectly positioned palm trees that were literally STUFFED with orchids.

Do you like orchids?  Because in this hallway, they were IN YOUR FACE.  There were also cool non-orchid things there.

FiddleheadsLove the greenNot orchids

We also attended an "How to Grow Orchids at Home" class where we all

learned A LOT about fertilizing, re-potting and general care for orchids.  The woman who conducted the lecture was extremely knowledgeable and did a great job explaining everything really clearly to a packed room.  She even brought different kinds of orchids up and down the aisle to show people examples of dried roots, injured leaves and orchid diseases.  Did you know you can cure an orchid from a fungal infection using NEOSPORIN?  Or even cinnamon?  Cinnamon is a natural anti-fungicide, apparently.  If you have an orchid leaf that shows sign of fungal infection, you just take a toothbrush, scrub off the scales or fungus, and apply neosporin or cinnamon!  Brilliant.

Want to see some more orchids?  Okay.

And finally, my most favorite of the entire exhibit, the GREEN orchids.  Beautiful!

Also?  LOVING the SLR.  (More pics on my Flickr.)

Highly recommended if you have a Saturday to spare and you're near NYC!

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