Back in late April/May I went on a miraculous trip to England. I was attending a wedding with The Boyfriend who was the best man. The trip was sandwiched between fits of volcanic ash vomiting up from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Oh, Eyjafjallajokul, you tried your best foil my travel plans what with your jamming of random consonants together in one name and your ash cloud of doom, but I made it anyway.

First stop was Haslemere where we napped like crazy after our red-eye from Boston. After a nice 4 hour nap, we both got on a train where I went to Weybridge and Boyfriend went to London.

In Weybridge, I met a whole lot of ladies whom I'd never met before. I participated in a mini "hen-night" (Brit translation: bachelorette party) with my new friends, aka strangers, and the bride-to-be. It was super fun, drinks, then some appetizers back at the house of the party organizer, dinner and dancing. In the morning, after crashing overnight at hostess' house, she made me this cute English breakfast. On a heart plate! And a glass of the NYC skyline! Aw, a taste of home!

The next morning I made my way up to Cambridge to visit a grad school friend who married a Brit and graduated last fall and moved to the UK.

The weather was gorgeous! Warm and sunny. Practically unheard of in England. We went punting on the River Cam. It was super fun.

LibraryI see youBridge of SighsGood job, tulips

Ducklings and momPuntingOops...Bridge of Sighs

I stayed over in Cambridge and the next afternoon I went to visit a friend from college in Stowmarket. She also married a Brit and moved over to England 4 years ago. She picked me up from the train station and I was greeted with THIS when we got to her house. A DELICIOUS homemade rhubarb streusel.

I was supposed to go back to Cambridge after our afternoon of hanging out but the trains ended up not running back to London so I stayed over. Surprise house guest! Luckily, the light rain let up and my friend had the great idea of visiting a stately English manor called Kentwell Hall in Long Melford. It was incredible.

I made friends with a peacock. His plumage was beautiful.

Going upTa daI can see your butt

The grounds were really gorgeous. Apparently, these manors work in a similar way to the mansions in Newport, RI. The family lives in one part of the manor, but their business is maintaining the other half of the mansions for tours, up keeping the grounds and then renting the grounds for medieval reenactments and weddings. It was so beautiful when the sun came out.

Daffodil crazydaffodils and moatI like this gardener

Monday morning, my friend and her husband went to work and I walked to the train station to head back to Haslemere to meet back up with The Boyfriend who had been participating the Bachelor party (Stag-do) with his BFF who is the groom. We saw a fox! In this picture the fox is hunting for the fistfuls of roast potatoes we threw into the woods. Did you know that foxes eat roast potatoes? I didn't.


We stayed briefly before we headed out (again) to Chippenham to the Dad's abode via London. It was really fun to be back in London. We had a delicious lunch of REAL Indian food in Soho.

It was my THIRD curry of the trip (the first was dinner in Stowmarket and the second was dinner in Haslemere). I don't think it's possible for me to get sick of curry.

After a train ride from King's cross, we headed out to Chippenham. His dad lives on some beautiful property in an area that has a lot of farms. Does he have a tennis court? Yes. Yes he does.

Sheep!lambs!tennisgetting ready for twig racing

We stayed for a couple days and right before heading to the train station his dad treated us to a traditional English pub lunch. Mmmmmm. Bangers 'n' Mash and Fish 'n' Chips (and ale, duh).

Bangers and mashFish n' chips (and mushy peas!)Big and mini

After that it was back to Haslemere and then up to London before getting a train to YORK, where the wedding was being held.

Blog post about the wedding in York coming up next!

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