A couple of beets looked like they were ready for nom-nom-nom-ing so I pulled them up. Delicious! The chard AND the beet root were both yum. I freaking love having a garden.

Look at that beautiful chard. Mmmm. The roots are little bit tiny, but they were really good. I just cut them all up and cooked them with a little bit of oil. That's it! Just plain beets. Doesn't look to delish in the picture, I know, but it was really good.

My mom then told me a story about how when she was little they would eat a kind of leaf vegetable (back in rural China near Shanghai) that was this color red. She used to LOVE eating it with her rice because it turned the rice pink. Haha. The thought of my mom being a kid and mixing the red sauce from the vegetable with her rice to make it pink really pleases me.

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