A PhD friend who moved from CT to NYC had told me she wanted a kitten. There are a lot of strays outside my house and being the kitty sluts that they are, they sometimes have kittens that need homes. We could spay them, or we could save ourselves a lot of money and hassle and just let them do what they want to do. She was supposed to get this one kitten that was born a few months ago, but that kitten didn't make it so when I saw a sign at work for free kittens I immediately got on the phone to my friend. 24 hours later, BAM, I'm in Petco buying a tiny litter tray for The World's Cutest Kitten tm.

What follows is going to be an explosion of sickeningly cute kitten pictures. Get that vomit bag ready.

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I named him River and his Korean name is Doong Doong.

You can stop barfing now.

P.S. Thanks to Mike D for the photography!

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