This is my inaugural post to WordPress. Gonna give WP a whirl for a while.

While shopping around Whole Foods I saw an interesting vegetable that I had never eaten before called “seabeans.” They are very crunchy and very salty and have a slightly oyster and asparagus taste. Apparently they are getting popular. They were about $9.99 a pound. I bought $1 worth, which was a healthy handful. More than enough for one person.

They are totally awesome if you like a super crunch texture and a seafood type flavor. I blanched mine for about 10 minutes and then rinsed them with cold water. This was all to get rid of the super strong saltiness. Then I made a lunch with the seabeans, Korean kimchi and Japanese rice (steamed with some sake). Pretty delicious. I’d love to try to make some kind of salad with them too. Or serve them with fish. What a weird vegetable!

Note: These are very crunch and a little woody. Chew well!