It’s fall and I fucking love it. When summer begins, I fantasize about it being over. About it being time for hot chai and cider donuts. I dream about fresh crisp apples and wearing cozy scarves. Fall is the love of my life.

One of the things I look forward to the most (after I have consumed the appropriate number of apple cider donuts, obviously) is apple picking. I have been going to Roger’s Orchard since I can remember, maybe age 10 and up? It’s a super comfortable place for me and I know the orchard layout by heart. It is nostalgia central.

This Sunday I went with my friend and we picked about 20 pounds of apples between the two of us. Mostly Mutsu (Crispin) apples (one of my favorites for eating and for pies).

We also picked some Macouns. I wanted to pick some Cortlands too but by that point I had 11 pounds of apples. Which I think was enough. It was nice to go with Mike D since he is tall and can reach fantastic sized apples for me. He also has great taste in hats.

And it was so cheap! Only about $1.09 per pound. A freaking steal. While I was getting my wallet from the car to pay for the apples, Mike D spoke to the two young kids who were working the apple stand. They told us about how this woman accidentally dropped her purse on the ground and all these apples spilled out. Seriously? You’re trying to steal apples from a family run business when the apples are already so affordable? Also, totally caught red handed! I hope her punishment was to eat all the apples in her purse.

When I got home I got to making an apple pie. I like using a cheddar cheese crust because I love the salty with the sweet. The crust only uses about 1 cup of extra sharp white cheddar cheese. I bought a fancy block of it from the Rogers Orchard farm stand. The flavor of the block is outstanding. Completely blows Kraft out of the water. Amazing how different something as simple as cheddar cheese can be. I mean, it’s not even the fancy aged cheddar!

I adore lattice pie tops.

Get your apples ready. My cheddar cheese crust apple pie recipe to come soon…