For the past few days a friend from LA has been visiting me in the great Northeast and so we went to get conveyor belt sushi, obviously. We shoved a few random pieces of change into the meter and hoped for the best. After stuffing ourselves with sushi, overcoming the mesmerizing power of the conveyor belt and eating a couple of ice cream mochi, we were able to get back to the car well within the meter time. I got worried when I spotted something tucked under the windshield wiper. But upon opening it, we saw that it was this:

No, no, Stranger. YOU are the coolest–for taking the time to write me a note from some legal lined paper from your Trapper Keeper notebook. You rock. Thanks for making my (our) day.

Also, I’m glad your note wasn’t a parking ticket.

P.S. Here is a pic of the back of my car (with my hitchhiker’s thumb):

All bow to the Subaru

P.P.S. And for people who want to stalk me, You’re Welcome.