And it was RIDICULOUS. I shoveled snow for 4 hours. Talk about Sisyphean task. It was an unimaginable amount of snow. And even though the snow itself was the light and fluffy kind, it didn’t make up for the fact that there was over double if not triple the normal amount that we get in one storm. Most of it had to be shoveled in steps, where you shovel the top half, then go back to get the bottom half.

Front porch

Hmmm, did I take this picture from my front porch? Yes. Is my front porch RAISED UP OFF THE GROUND BY AT LEAST 2 feet? Yes.

Inch by inch

Inch by inch

That’s fresh build up right there. There was so much that when a local homie rung our doorbell to ask if he could shovel our front sidewalk and walkway for $$ I was like, HELLS YES. He ended up doing the entire front, and helped us a little with the back parking lot. Just in case you were wondering, yes he did shovel in baggy jeans, fleece gloves, flat brim baseball cap and hoodie pulled over the hat.

Find the car

Find the third car! Hint: it's a minivan..

We don’t have a snow blower and we didn’t call any plows so we had to shovel everything by hand. The next door neighbors are actually an apartment building and we share the drive. Sometimes they plow and we chip in, but the new landlord is a penny pincher and he wanted to shovel it by hand. Also, there was so much snow, where could the plow put it? The best exchange of the day was when our neighbor homie turned to my dad and asked “Does it snow this much in YOUR COUNTRY?” I almost choked laughing at that comment. And then the conversation devolved into talking about pandas. As they usually do.

Tiny Mommy on the right?

Piles and piles of snow

To think that one month ago I was sitting on a beach in 82F weather in Waikiki. Crazy!