Darcy and I made fried pickles. It was awesome.

A college friend had fried pickles at her wedding last year as a “midnight snack” after the reception. I was so full of almond wedding cake that I barely got to eat any fried pickles but the one that I had (aka, the one that I forced myself to eat) was AMAZING. It was the first time I ever tried them, after hearing about their legendary deliciousness. So when Darcy talked about making them, I was all HELLS YES.

I bought nice and crunchy whole pickles–Claussen. They’re the brand of pickles that is refrigerated because their pickles aren’t cooked like other room temperature brands that aren’t as crunchy. We quartered them into spears and dried them really well on paper towels. The spears were then double battered in buttermilk and cornmeal. The cornmeal gave them a really good crispy crunch, but I think next time I will do 1:1 ratio of cornmeal to corn flour. So that maybe they will be a tiny bit fluffier and then the roof of my mouth will be happier.

We fried them in the leftover peanut oil (from my Super bowl Party) in Darcy’s fantastic deep fryer, set to the highest temperature. If you don’t have a fryer, you can make these in an oil filled cast iron pot with a thermometer, about 380-400F. Darcy is a master fryer so she took care of that (a little less that 2 minutes for each spear) while I battered the pickle spears in beautiful OCD fashion. What can I say, we are a legendary frying team with an extensive frying CV.

Darcy thought we should have a nice spicy dip so I made an kick-ass dipping sauce make of a 3:1 ratio of ketchup and sriracha. It was mind-blowingly delicious. The ketchup is sweet and tangy and the sriracha is sweet, tangy and spicy. It is the perfect condiment. It’s going to be difficult to go back to normal ketchup.

It should be said that I adore pickles and have been known to eat entire jars ALL BY MYSELF.  So these were quite a treat. I heart you, fried pickles.