I am definitely still knitting but my desire to knit a million and one things is far surpassed by inability to dedicate my entire life to knitting, never mind an hour a day (I wish). I’d love to knit all the time, 24/7 but I’m not quite retirement age yet.

Deadline knitting is a good way for me to finish projects. A friend had a birthday in February and so that pushed me to finish a couple of fun things that I started a while ago. My birthday friend is a fellow sufferer through THE SOUL CRUSHING HORROR OF PHD-DOOM like me. I chose the appropriate things to knit:

An almost anatomically correct heart! I can’t imagine actually knitting an anatomically correct heart. That’s a lot of tubes to knit. Also, I didn’t have any stuffing so I stuffed it with used dryer sheets, of which I have plenty. What, you don’t save your dryer sheets after you use them? Well, obviously you’re not normal.

I used some leftover fingering weight yarn that I had. I like the variegated striations. Almost like real cardiac muscle! I should bleach out a little spot and call it an “infarct” GET IT? GET IT?? Man, I am so freaking hilarious. I’m totally available for bat mitzvahs.

Ahem, so moving on, I also made her a pair of mittens. The patterns is from a book (Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together) that I purchased specifically for this neat stranded motif. There are a couple of other things that I might make from the book, but I really loved this pattern by Adrian Bizilia: Entomology Hat and Mitten Set. (I only made the mittens.)

Entomology Mittens

Don’t you just love those beetles? I do. I used 100% wool, a dark grey and a citron kind of color that looks really yellow in the pictures, but in real life it’s got a hint of lime green/chartreuse to it. The beetles are totally cool don’t get me wrong. They are what attracted me to the mittens in the first place, but surprisingly after I started knitting them I realized that I adore the chevron-like motif in the back. I am completely in love with the palms of the mittens. I think the op art kind of style is the bee’s knees. Or the beetle’s knees. Whatever.

OMG, don’t you just LOVE THAT? I want entire mittens of that pattern. It’s mesmerizing. And actually, it’s not even that difficult to knit. You rarely get lost in the pattern once you realize the “trick” of the pattern. A totally fun knit. Personally, I liked getting all OCD about matching the thumbs to the rest of the mitten. Pretty cool illusion to get them to blend in and to continue the pattern. Sometimes knitting is just an OCD person’s wet dream.

I was worried that February was too late to give mittens because there wouldn’t be a chance to wear them, but holy crap it has been a long winter. She liked the mittens and her cat liked the heart. Something for everyone!

I’m sure there are other knitting projects to update you on but things are getting quite crazy in my graduate school sad excuse for a life. If any of you are on Ravelry you can see my other projects there in various stages of totally not done and partially not done.