Last weekend I went Boston to support my sister who was running in the Boston Marathon.

I drove up on Sunday to hang out with her before the race on Monday. We went to the Expo center Sunday night.

It was packed with runners getting free samples and picking up their marathon stuff.

I thought this shirt that was at a vendor’s was funny:

Especially seeing as Kenya swept the top 5 spots at the Honolulu Marathon that I went to with my sister. (Which…I still haven’t really blogged about. MAYBE ONE DAY.)

Then we checked out the finish line:

There was some hilarity going on there. Whichever family that this baby belongs to? Coolest family ever. They came, slapped down a pizza and then plopped the baby down and started snappin’ some pics. So obviously I snapped a pic too. Not in a creepy way. I mean, I like pizza. And I also like making fun of babies. Crawl towards the pizza, baby! CRAWL!

After checking out the finish line and also participating in humiliating a baby, we went to the pre-marathon carbo-loading pasta dinner that comes with your entrance fee for the marathon. I didn’t have a ticket but with some luck I was able to get in. Probably due to the fact that there were just about 27,000 participants in the marathon. That’s a lot of pasta.

That line? In the way back? In front of the tent? That’s the line to the pasta dinner. I don’t have any pictures of the pasta dinner because I was too busy carbo loading for my day of sitting/standing around and watching skinny, fit and driven type A’s run 26.2 miles. The pasta dinner had pasta with marinara, a mac n cheese type deal with sausages AND a cold pasta salad with fresh tomatoes and the like. Oh, and bread. And some salad. Not to mention free water, beer and other drinks like, did you know they make a sparkling juicy-juice? Yeah, neither did I.

After the dinner (and after grabbing tons of free snacks in our marathon goody bags), we walked back to my sister’s place in the North End. The next morning our mom met up with us and we went to mile 16 to cheer on my sister.

There were some gorgeous tulips there. Look at those long petals!

I guess marathons aren’t exactly the…greenest of athletic competitions, huh? Anyone need a used and crushed paper cup?

We spotted my sister and we gave her some support via tiny cow bells and cheering and then hopped the T back to the finish line, which was a zoo, of course.

The motto of the Boston Marathon is “Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston” since those are the directions to the finish line.

My sis finished and did great! Shaved off almost 20 minutes off of her Hawaii time.


So I’ll have to leave my blog alone for a while. I gotta finish up my Sword of Damocles and graduate my ass out of my PhD hell hole. See you on the other side! After I’m a doctor I promise that my blog will be even more pretentious and filled with more smart ass comments than you can shake a fist at! And graphs! There’s gonna be a lot more graphs, probably.