My friend who lives in Ohio sent me this book. I’ve never been to Jeni’s but this book makes me want to teleport to Columbus every night for dessert. And I don’t even like ice cream that much! I’m more of a frozen yogurt/soy ice cream kind of person, despite being totally lactose tolerant. Why hello, cheese, the love of my life.

By the way, I LOVE BEING OCD. Therefore, I love Post-it tabs.

Upon receiving the book I flipped through it and I immediately zeroed in on the signature Jeni’s Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches. I adore macarons and I have never made them because they are difficult and quite work intensive. But holy shit! Macaron ice cream sandwiches??? Jeni is a genius. An evil genius.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty post-it note.

Her recipe is much simpler and easier than real macarons. They are a little more sturdy, especially since they will be filled with delicious (and splendid) ice cream, and they are WAAAAAAAY GINORMOUS.

After I piped the macarons into the traced shapes (make sure you trace and then flip the parchment over so that you’re not eating lead or ink), I didn’t really need to trace anymore and directly used the silpat. You can get the “idea” of how many rotations it takes to get to 3 inches. The freehand piped ones on the silpat came out a lot better than the parchment ones. I also had to make sure to pipe the macarons more thickly by applying more pressure to the bag. Thick macarons are better than lame skinny ones that might break.

You have to let them set for 30 minutes to get that classic smooth macaron top and the neat little ruffled skirt at the bottom. The recipe says to bake them at 300 for 18-20 mins. However, I found with my oven that it was more like 25 minutes. The recipe also said it makes 12 macarons (six sandwiches) but I made more like 26. They came out GREAT. Sooooo delicious.

Check it! DOUBLE XL MACARONS. I can’t wait to make real macarons (one day).

P.S. I really need a food processor. To grind more nuts. I’d love to make Pistachio Macarons.

P.P.S. Will update when I make ice cream to fill these bad boys.