Okay you guys. I made the first recipe in Jeni’s book: Roasted strawberry and buttermilk ice cream. With a name like that, how could you expect anything but a splendid ice cream? Well, I made it. It is nothing short of FUCKING fantastic.

You guys, seriously. I don’t like ice cream that much. In general it’s too creamy, too milky, too much like licking frozen lard. Many times it has no flavor because the flavoring wasn’t developed for COLD. One of infinite number of pet peeves I have is when food isn’t served at the correct temperature. For example, cheese. Many cheeses should be served warm or room temp for you to fully experience the lactose taste sensation. It angers me to eat a cold brie or a rock solid camembert. That shit should be warm and runny and wonderous. Jeni’s ice creams are designed to absolutely SHINE in ice cream form. They were perfected with the perfect amount of flavor. Have you ever had Cold Stone Creamery? I have. Have you noticed that it tastes like asshole? That is, if assholes taste like the absence of all flavor and happiness.

I was going to add rhubarb but in the end I decided that I didn’t want to change Jeni’s pristine recipe so I only used strawberries. The only thing that I did change was that she asks for pureed strawberries and I love fruit chunks in my frozen desserts so I left the strawberries in slices when I added it to the ice cream mixture.

The rhubarb is from my garden! Fuck yeah!
That picture was taken before I added the sugar and lemon juice to the strawberries.

After “cleaning out” the ice cream maker bowl (aka, EATING IT. OMG NOM NOM NOM SOOOOO GOOD), the ice cream gets put into a freezer safe container, covered with wax paper and then put into the freezer to set up for a few hours, in my case about 24 hours before I took it out again to stuff some macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Scooping out the ice cream after letting the machine run for 30 minutes or so.
I “cleaned” the bowl. (So delicious.)

The next day, I took out the container and let it soften up a little before making a Jeni’s Ice Cream sandwich with the XXL macarons I made last week.

Do I need to point out what a delightful shade of pink the ice cream is? And there’s a perfect amount of frozen strawberry chunks.

The king of ice cream sandwiches? No. THE GOD EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!! Ice cream is the mind killer and this stuff is like frozen strawberry SPICE.

In the description of the ice cream, Jeni says that the buttermilk perfectly complements the strawberry. It doesn’t only complement it–it really brings out the strawberry flavor and the slightly sour flavor offsets the creamy sweet cream cheese that is in the recipe. There’s only a little bit of buttermilk but it is enough to make a huge difference.

Sorry, Ben & Jerry. You’re dead to me.