Some of the first tomatoes to ripen from my garden:

On the left is a SuperSonic and on the right are two Roma tomatoes. They were DELICIOUS.

A friend of mine bought me this. Um, it is AWESOME for making pizza. I rolled out a pizza and put it on the Silbread–no extra flour or corn meal or anything and bam, out of the oven comes a really nice crisp but fluffy crust. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture because WE ATE IT IMMEDIATELY. But I will tell you that I finely sliced a buttload of fresh basil from the garden, layered some fresh mozzerella and then put the thin slices of garden tomatoes on top. It was awesome despite that I was cooking a pizza at 400F in the oven while it was 100F outside.

Also, I’d like to note that I cut the basil the night before thinking that it would be ain’t no thang to just chop the tops of some of the plants. I mean 10 minutes tops, right? I was ATTACKED by mosquitoes. I was out there for less than 10 minutes and I got 7 bites. I am not exaggerating or kidding. One on my chest, two on my left ankle, one on my left calf, one on the inside of my left thigh, one on my right thigh and one next to my right knee. Seriously. Attacked. Swarmed. Ambushed. Assaulted. Stupid asshole mosquitoes. The basil was delicious though.