I made a bag! I used a pattern book!

I had been wanting to buy a new purse but I couldn’t find one that met all of my requirements. So I made one! Darcy introduced me to this book that she used to make this bag. While hers is more of a purse style, I wanted a large carry-all, shoulder bag but with LOTS of pockets because I adore pockets and I like being organized. I made the “cosmo bag” from the Amy Butler Style Stitches book. I adapted it by adding a million more pockets to the bag than the pattern indicated. Also? ZIPPERED pockets. (Incredibly useful.)

I added a shallow 8 inch zippered pocket for pens and chapstick. There’s also a smaller 4 inch zippered pocket for quick loose change, earrings, etc. I have two small slightly secret pockets on the inner side panels for my point and shoot camera and other things that I want to keep secure. The pattern calls for two huge inner pockets but I made them shorter in length and divided it a little differently. On one side I divided the large pocket into three smaller pockets and on the other side it was divided into two larger pockets.

I think my pocket madness adaptation works pretty well. I double padded the bottom with extra thick heavy duty stabilizer so that I could use it to carry my digital SLR all paparazzi-like. I also shortened the outside pockets on the side so that they would be more useful for holding my car keys, iPod, sunglasses, cell phone, etc (see the last picture). Her pattern has the outside pockets going almost all the way up the sides. Not convenient for getting in an out of the pockets on the go.

Adding all those pocket exponentially increased the time it took to make the bag, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. And the result was definitely worth it! Be warned though–her patterns aren’t for first-timers. You really should have a solid idea about sewing construction and techniques. On the plus side, I learned a new few techniques from making this one–like sewing pleats and making a button loop. Sewing this bag made me even more sensitive to the fact that my sewing machine sucks balls. I cannot wait to buy a better one…one day.

Are those View-Master disks? YES. It’s the Viewmasters fabric from Kokka by Melody Miller as part of the Ruby Star Rising fabric collection. When I was little I totally had a Fisher Price View-Master. I had a disc of Mickey Mouse Fantasia. It was awesome.

I love my bag. It’s almost like it was made for me! I like the size because I don’t need another bag for gym stuff. It is a TRUE carry-all. I’m definitely looking forward to making more bags from this book.