I was really stressed about completing this knitting project on time. I started it in late June and I finished it this weekend. Basically it took me the month of July (Thank you, Amtrak & thank you, Netflix streaming). I was so relieved and excited when it was finished blocking that I wondered why I wasn’t as relieved or excited when I handed in my thesis. Obviously I have priority issues.

Rock Island Shawl 4.31

The pattern is “Rock Island” by Brooklyn Tweed, aka Jared Flood. The only thing I changed besides the color and type of yarn was the plain border. I added beads to the border–snazzy looking, right? Beading is the “jazz hands” of knitting. Since the shawl is to be a post-wedding ceremony/if-the-reception-is-cold kind of wedding garment, I wanted it to be blue (something old something new something borrowed something blue) and I thought it should be more on the fancy side and hopefully not at all on the granny side. With choosing a variegated blue/sea green/very Cape Cod/hydrangea kind of color I thought it was very much in danger of being granny so…different colored Japanese glass beads it is! The inner beads are the same color as the yarn, which was planned, but I’m not sure I like the final look. The sliver lined clear glass beads I got for the edge are awesome. They catch the light in a complementary way and I adore how that part came out. Purposefully, there are only beads on the border so it is not in danger of looking like a Las Vegas showgirl’s lace thong.

But here it is! My first completed “real” lace project. I’ve done a lot of lace dabbling with heavier yarn for scarves and blankets, but this is lace weight yarn, you guys. The real deal. And Jared Flood always has really awesome patterns that are well written, very clear and organized. It was fun to knit. One of those patterns where after you finish you’re like–I totally want to make another one! And then you realize that you’re a masochist.

I hope she likes it!

Happy birthday, Alison!!!

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