Apparently when you finish your thesis you have to personally hand deliver your laser printed on 25% cotton paper copies to the main campus at Storrs. Um…okay. So a few weeks ago I had to drive to Storrs, CT. I figured while I was there in person (first time in my life) I should go to the much alumni recommended UConn Dairy Bar.

After dropping off my important documents, getting lots of really official looking stamps and helping to pick up Darcy’s bound copies of her thesis, I headed over to the Dairy Bar which is across the street from the main portion of the campus. I realized I didn’t have any cash so I had to pay with quarters from my car. The girl at the counter didn’t mind (whew, what a jerk I am!) and upon request, she kindly recommended the Toasted Almond Amaretto.

Toasted Almond Amaretto 5.31

It was a nice hot day and the cold treat was more than welcome. It was yums*. Note: what I’m holding is a CHILD SIZE scoop. Related: I wonder why childhood diabetes is on the rise?

*Jeni’s remains GOD EMPEROR of ice creams.