When my sister and I went to Hawaii for the Honolulu Marathon, we absolutely adored all the beautiful Hawaiian flowers and leis. We went to an awesome lei shop in Chinatown in Honolulu. They were super friendly (such an Hawaiian trait) and they showed us how they make the leis. When we left the shop, they gave us each an orchid & plumeria lei and a single tuberose blossom (so generous of them). Plumeria and tuberoses are really fragrant. My mom adores jasmine flowers for that reason–they smell really really good. So when we brought back a lei and a tuberose for her, she absolutely loved it. To preserve it, she put it in the refrigerator but then she would take it out to smell it and then put it back. Rinse and repeat. She made it last a good long while. So for her birthday, my sister bought her some of her very own tuberose bulbs to grow.

Tuberose in New England 7.31

Seeing as they love tropical climates, they are doing really well in this hot and humid (gross) summer we are having in New England. Our garden is going to smell amazing for the next month!