I’m a little obsessed with mutants. It’s probably the geneticist in me. Be it a strawberry (sadly, I couldn’t propagate more mutant strawberries–they were all disappointingly normal) or Michael Fassbender as Magneto (I mean, Michael Fassbender as anything, really. AM I RIGHT, LADIES?). I’ve been watching this Great White tomato grow more and more mutated each day. It has been very exciting. Today, I needed a tomato for my lunch so down it came as a ritual sacrifice to my tummy, but not before I documented its mutant-ness for all the internet to see.

Mutant Tomato 9.31

I can’t wait until I get yellow, orange and red tomatoes all at the same time. Taste the rainbow! (But not skittles. Tomatoes.)

P.S. If I eat this tomato will I get all Peter Parker up in here? But tomato style? TomatoLady! With Tomato Sense. It’s like Spidey Sense, but I would get all tingly when a pizza or a caprese salad was nearby.