I hardly remember August but thankfully we did Augustography, which was documentation that I was indeed alive and breathing and using my camera during that month. September is not getting any better, but I will not let this blog languish after such a fun month of almost daily posting.

So to update. I was maid of honor at a wedding! I have never been IN a wedding party, never mind maid of honor. Go big or go home, I guess. It’s sad that you need something like a wedding to get all your friends in one place (like why can’t we do this ALL THE TIME or once a year), but it is a damn good time when that happens. And in the case of this particular wedding, it couldn’t have been more fantastic. Super prep. Super Cape. Super funsies. I told my friend that she should get married at the Cape every year.

I got to take a centerpiece home. ROCK.

Also, how AWESOME is this dahlia?

One of these days I will actually blog something instead of just posting pics. But pics are fun! Right? Right.