…make pickled green tomatoes!

Pickled Green Tomatoes

The garden was kind of a huge disappointment this year. It was really good at the beginning but then the super hot + super rainy weather did not make for a good garden. A lot of the tomatoes were busted. We demolished the garden last weekend and took in the rest of the tomatoes, many of which were green. I was too lazy to fry them up, but I have been really interested in pickling using my new canning abilities. I gleaned information from here. I had been hording a small jar of picking spice from Penzeys so I didn’t quite follow the recipe exactly. I used 2lbs of green tomatoes which gave me 2 pints and 1/2 pint. I put 1 tsp of Penzey’s pickling spice and 2 cloves of garlic per pint. Even though I packed each jar with green tomatoes, I still used about 2/3 cup of 50% white vinegar mixture to fill each pint. I processed each (pre-sterilized) jar for 10 minutes each.

Pickling takes about a week. I can’t wait to try them!