This was supposed to posted on Friday.

Since I’m trying to blog the last days of my 20s, I know that I’ll be making a lot of “confessions” because it will be entertaining for me. And maybe for you, because it will make you feel better about your normalcy.

There’s one thing that I realized recently because of this:

It was for a good cause:

BUT THEN, I realized that I honestly have never really seen any of the Back to the Futures. I mean, it’s definitely such a huge part of pop culture that of course I know the storyline (vaguely) and I know some of the famous scenes (DeLorean + mall) but I’ve never really sat down and watched the entire movie.

SO, to remedy this situation, I am getting the discs from Netflix and I will “live blog” my impressions of watching a movie about 1985 in 2011. The first disc should be waiting for me in my mailbox right now!