So this isn’t actually REAL live blogging, but it is live and I am blogging. Here we go!


1:07 That jewel-eyed owl clock is freaky.

1:30 Ha, old Burger King wrappers WHOPPER.

1:50 Whoa, so we start off with a Rube Goldberg machine! Nice.

2:00 Man, in 1985 Libya/Libyans were still a problem? How depressing.

2:11 Okay, it’s a Rube Goldberg that doesn’t quite make sense…

2:45 Ew, Einstein’s dog food is super gross.

2:58 Michael J. Fox’s feet! Nike sneakers. Nice.

3:57 That is a very tiny yellow electric guitar/ukulele.

4:01 Now that IS an amp.

5:00 Michael J. Fox is so young and cute! Although, Alex P. Keaton was really cute too. Too bad he was a Republican.

6:00 Oh man, good song!

6:20 Aerobics! Ha, so 80s.

6:39 That truck driver in the green hat looks like Will Farrell.

7:50 What’s up with teachers who are mean to kids? It doesn’t make any sense.

9:30 Wow, their clothes are amazing. Light pink with a black vest! Popped collars. Denim jacket. High-waisted, light wash tight jeans on Michael J. Fox. Love her big hair. Also? Love that she’s not blonde.

11:13 Giving out a phone number for a land line!

13:13 That old-age make up looks terrible.

13:28 Is that supposed to be Michael J Fox playing his own dad?

14:31 Oh, I guess not. It looks like that Willard guy. That laugh is awful. Lea’s old age make up looks a lot better. The sister’s voice sounds SO familiar! I wonder if she does voice work. I’m not sure how Marty McFly came from these parents. His mom is against girls chasing boys. What a quaint idea.

17:24 Seriously. That laugh.

17:30 He’s sleeping on his bed like that evil kid from Toy Story. Do people actually sleep like that?

18:11 The mall parking lot scene!! I’m SO ready.

19:35 DeLorean! Devo reference! JCPenney! Oh wait, we still have JCPenney.

20:00 Einstein the dog looks exactly like I expected him too. I love the huge camcorder.

20:40 Goodyear tires! There are a lot of product placements in this movie.

22:00 WOW! The famous scene!

24:15 Poor dog. I’m not so sure about these time calculations. Eh.

25:43 FLUX CAPACITOR! Also, was the puffy vest over denim jacket thing really popular back then?

28:28 OH NO EXTRA PLUTONIUM! I can see where this might be going.

28:55 Libyans in a VW bus! I didn’t expect this gun stuff. Holy crap.

30:00 Good thing Michael knows how to drive stick shift.

30:30 Why is it suddenly raining in the parking lot? It wasn’t raining before.

31:06 There’s a lot of swearing in this movie. Unexpected.

33:05 So many guns! Weird.

33:29 I don’t get the whole pine thing. I mean, the mall is called Twin Pines but…is there something else I’m missing?

35:51 When the guys run out of the gas station, what do you think the guy who looks under hood is doing?

37:00 That campaign car is weird. Are there really cars like that? I guess Sarah Palin had that bus.

38:20 Tab? Pepsi  Free? Wait is coffee free? Why no sugar? OMG it totally is that Willard guy. HOLY SHIT IS THAT BILLY ZANE?!?!

40:50 Colored man as major! Cringe.

41:35 Ew, in a tree looking at a girl changing?! Gross. I don’t understand why Marty McFly’s parents would be so gross and lame.

43:09 Lea! So young and pretty!

43:46 How would Marty McFly afford Calvin Klein undies? Also, did CK make purple underwear??

46:15 I don’t understand why Marty wouldn’t be smarter about his references.  I guess because he thinks it’s a dream still?

48:05 Wow, Doc’s mansion is huge.

50:40 Haha, Future boy.

52:45 HAHA. “No wonder your president has to be an actor!”

53:40 Christopher Lloyd is amazing in this. Seriously.

55:00 Oooooh, he just kind of looked at the camera!!

56:22 “Maybe you were adopted.” HAHAHA!

56:35 How is he a slacker if he’s doing 2 people’s  homework all the time?

57:55 What’s up with Michael J. Fox always delivering his lines to people’s necks, not their faces?

58:03 HAHAHAHA!!! “Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?” HAHAHAHA. BEST LINE EVER.

1:00:54 This whole “mom falling in love with son” is grossing me out more than I thought it would.

1:04:20 Chocolate milk! When was the last time you drank straight up milk? I haven’t had plain milk in a while.

1:06:11 I wonder if Michael J. Fox is (was) really good at skateboarding?

1:06:40 What’s up with the guy wearing 3D glasses?

1:07:19 Ooooh, nice skateboard stunt.

1:07:33 Manure! Nasty.

1:07:45 Now Marty is wearing converse! So many product placements!

1:09:01 “Please excuse the crudity of this model, I didn’t have time to built it to scale or to paint it.” HAHAHA.

1:14:23 Ha, I like how he gives his dad his own line “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

1:15:06. Aw, it’s so nice that they are such good friends. He doesn’t want to wait 30 years!

1:15:44 ACK! The use of “terrorist” is a lot more intense nowadays. That was kind of jarring. And also, seriously makes me kind of sad that this was made in 1985!!!

1:15:57 I wonder if that’s really Michael J. Fox’s handwriting. Pretty good for a young dude.

1:17:03 Nice decorations for the Under the Sea theme!

1:17:40 This scene is super uncomfortable! “I’m almost 18 years old it’s not like I haven’t parked before” I like the euphemism of “park” BUT THAT IS HER SON.

1:19:00 Whoa, boobs!


1:19:37 Oh, whew.

1:20:16 $300 worth of damage to his car? $300 back in 1955 is probably a lot of money!

1:20:38 I’m seriously not that cool with the whole “without her consent” thing perpetrated by Biff.

1:20:53 That’s totally Billy Zane.

1:21:19 Reefer addicts. Hahaha.

1:21:50 Okay, the whole raping/forced make out session is kinda dark for this movie.

1:23:05 Nice left hook!

1:23:40 OMG, I love her dress. 50s style dresses are so flattering and beautiful.

1:24:40 Earth Angel! I love this song.

1:25:03 Stupid ginger guy!

1:25:20 The whole disappearing picture thing is very Harry Potter, isn’t it?

1:26:22 Yay!! Kissing! Picture of Dumbledore and friends restored!

1:28:00 Love the 50’s dancing. The flips! The fluffy dresses!

1:29:11 Uh oh. Marty is freaking out on the guitar. He’s like air guitaring but with an actual guitar.

1:31:50 That injury on the Doc’s forehead looks awful. It’s really black.

1:32:35 Marty’s hair looks really mullet-y right now.

1:34:50 Whoever was in charge of “make the actors look sweaty at the right time in this movie” was doing a great job.

1:37:55 Wow that is a really shoddily made mantle. Or Doc is heavier than he looks. But right now he’s being supported only by the clocks hands, which suggests that he is not secretly overweight.

1:39:51 How is that clock still working after a grown man was hanging off of it?

1:40:21 Good thing Doc has those electric gloves for zip-lining!

1:40:53 The electricity from the lightning is really reminiscent of the Ghostbuster’s photon pack stream.

1:41:59 That bench that the bum is sleeping on in 1985 says “California raisins” on it! Awesome!

1:42:35 Bank of America in downtown Hill Valley! In 1985! Wow, Hill Valley really looks like crap. It didn’t look this crappy when Marty was skateboarding to school though.

1:43:31 Seriously, so sweaty! Maybe Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are just really sweaty dudes?

1:44:25 Oh no, he has to watch him get shot again! I bet he has a bullet proof vest on or something.


1:45:57 Aw, they are so cute. I wonder how a 17 year old kid got to hanging out with such an old crazy dude? I’d like to know this backstory.

1:46:35 Who sets their alarm for 10:28?

1:47:25 Nice house!

1:48:01 Marty’s dad gooses Lea! Gross. Because he’s a peeper.

1:48:53 BMW! Sweet. I bet his truck is in the garage.

1:49.20 They credit Biff with bringing them together. How do they not remember Calvin/Marty from the past?


1:50:00 How does she get her hair that big?!

1:50:30 HAHA, I love the clear tie and the MC Hammer look.

1:51:10 HAHA, “do we both become assholes or something?” Haha, like that’s the WORST thing that could happen. (P.S. For some reason all the swearing in this movie was really unexpected for me.)

1:51:30 OMG flying DeLorean!

1:51:40 This movie fucking rocks.



First off, I loved it. Secondly, I can’t believe how well this movie stands up to the test of time! It really says a lot about how great this movie is. I mean, I’m actually not sure I would have liked at all if I watched it when I was younger. I think I’m actually kind of glad that I’m watching now–seeing that I can understand all of the jokes that may go over the heads of young kids.

I’m sad that I don’t have the second and third movies ready to go. And I didn’t quite realize that the cool Nike sneakers and the airboard thing don’t come into play until the later movies.

I’m psyched for the next installments!