Frequently in knitting there are long stretches where you’re fairly confident and comfortable with the pattern so you don’t need to think about every stitch. When I knit I usually watch a lot of movies, but lately I have been watching tv shows especially since I have Netflix watch-it-now, which is the devil.

TV Shows I have been watching:

30 Rock

Netflix has all 5 Season of 30 Rock. It is amazing. As part of a graduation gift (which I still have to blog about because it was so freaking awesome) I got 30 Rock Season 1. The great thing about having the DVDs is all the extras and OMG, listen to the episodes with Tina Fey’s commentary. She is AWESOME. Love her. (P.S. I read her book, Bossypants. Amazing.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

While the live action movie version of this kids’ cartoon was the most god awful thing ever to have been created (I don’t know if it really is The Worst, maybe that movie and Prince of Persia can duke it out to win that title), the tv show that it was based on is the complete opposite. It is a beautifully crafted kids show with great lessons, respectful introduction of Asian culture, laugh out loud funny dialogue and really sweet, thoughtful and poignant scenes. Basically, it’s kind of amazing, not only for a cartoon, but for any kind of tv show. If you even have the most minimal tolerance for watching cartoons, you should watch this show. Bonus? Lots of accurate and well animated kung-fu.

New Girl

Some people are Zooey Deschanel haters. I don’t understand this at all because she is beautiful and hilarious without being slut-tastic. What more do you want, people?? She has some serious comedy chops and being a Bones fan, it’s cute to see similar mannerisms between Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel. I also really liked Twin Peaks so I guess I’m just insanely obsessed with the entire Deschanel family. Good thing that’s not creepy or anything.


I don’t know why I’m still watching this show. With my new cable I can DVR most of current TV that I watch and I find myself fast forwarding through a lot of the Glee episodes themselves, not just commercials. I should probably just stop watching it. But…I adore Jane Lynch as well as the Brittany and Santana characters. It was also kind of worth it to hear Jenna Ushkowitz call an “A-” an “Asian F” because it made me laugh and laugh and laugh because its true. Still, it may be time to call it quits for this show–especially if they keep insisting on doing uninteresting (to me) music. They guess they kind of shot themselves in the foot by doing most of the Journey repertoire.


Let’s be honest here. It’s a CW show. Also, I’ll come right out and say that I’m pretty much only watching this show for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her scenes with Ioan Gruffudd are pretty good. And I like the red-head character. But I also may have to drop this show as well because it’s really just not my kind of thing. SMG doesn’t get to do much sarcasm, quick witty dialogue or be funny–which are things she does really well, which is why I like her. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to wait for the miracle that brings Joss Whedon back together with SMG.

Raising Hope

I pretty much watch this show for the parents and the grandmother. God, they are hilarious and hysterical. Otherwise, I’m not that into the show, especially the pining away of the young main character for the girl who has a long distance boyfriend. Yawn. This is a DVR situation where I save up episodes so that when I run out of other things to watch, I can catch up on this show.

The Walking Dead

Love this show. The Season 2 Premiere was on this past Sunday and to destroy people’s Sunday plans, AMC had a marathon of all six episodes of The Walking Dead Season 1 for the 6 hours preceding the premiere, which they aired twice in a row and followed it up with “Talking Dead” which is a live talk show (seriously) specifically about…The Walking Dead. Um, yeah. So that sound you hear right now is the sound of OVERKILL. But overkill that I was totally into because I had a scarf to finish knitting. The cinematography in this show is amazing. Apparently most of it is shot in 16mm and it looks fantastic. The makeup and the zombies look great. And although this could be taken as a negative, the show is slow. It takes its time with the action and the character development, which I really appreciate but I’m sure some people hate it. Anyway, it’s a solid show and I can’t believe that there’s such a good mainstream show with zombies in it! I’m considering reading the comic books, but I’m not sure if I want to “spoil” myself for the show. The show has diverged greatly from the comic book, but they can sometimes borrow plot twists and characters from the comic books. Dilemma!


I love the interactions among the cast. The show itself is…okay. Mainly I watch this for the people. (And possibly to feed my strange obsession with the Dechanel family?)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart AND The Colbert Report

I try to watch these as much as possible because they are incredibly well written, entertaining and HILARIOUS, but they are on every day and it’s really easy to get backed up. Luckily, they’re on Hulu for free but damn I really despise those Hulu commercials.


I picked this because the whole starting to watch Dr. Who seems really daunting and all of Torchwood was on Netflix so there you go. The first two seasons of Torchwood are kind of horrible, but it is set in Cardiff and Wales just looks beautiful from the shots they show during the episodes. It’s pretty cheesy and campy with lots of sexy stuff, alien stuff and Dr Who references. However, Season 3 of Torchwood which is called “Torchwood: Children of Earth” is AMAZING. I mean, it’s worth just watching that season, it is so good. It’s a little bit of a misnomer to call it a “season” because it’s really only 5 one hour episodes, but man, it’s good. Season 4 just aired on Starz and it was called, “Torchwood: Miracle Day”. It has a similar format to Children of Earth, except now Starz is involved instead of only the BBC so it’s got new American characters and stuff. It was fun to watch and thought provoking, but not nearly as good as Children of Earth. I did enjoy the episodes by Jane Espenson (a writer who has worked on an insane number of good shows) but overall the season wasn’t very tightly written.

Coming up:

Party Down Season 2



The BSG movies (The Plan, Razor)

These are DVDs that were gifted to me but I haven’t had the chance to watch yet. I’m currently on Disc 1 of Party Down Season 2. I watched all of BSG last year over Thanksgiving because someone awesome gave me the entirety of BSG, but I never watched the “bad” movies. I’m still curious and I have them so I’m going to try to watch them. I know they’re technically movies, but they go with the show.

Shows I’m kind of interested in watching in the future:

The Wire

Dr Who

Star Trek TNG

Mad Men

I definitely want to see The Wire. Dr. Who fans seem kind of insane and scary sometimes which makes me really hesitant to watch the show, but I am still interested. I listed Mad Men only because people seem to adore it soooooo much but really I’m not that interested because I kind of dislike straight up drama. However, Jon Hamm’s guest spots on 30 Rock really endeared him to me so my vague interest is slightly renewed. Every friend that I like loves Star Trek TNG and I feel left out so I kind of want to watch more of them. They’re on Netflix so that’s easy.

The culmination of knitting, Netflix and DVR has turned me into an insane TV watcher, but I really do walk outside in the sun. Sometimes. No, really. Sometimes I even interact with other humans.