I took Madeline to the veterinary opthamologist today to get her weird iris pigmentation thing checked out by a specialist.

She did some kitty crying on the way there (crying sounds a little to anthropomorphic, I guess she was just stress mewing a lot) but then after we got on the highway she only made sounds every once in a while. Unfortunately for Madeline, the drive to the vet eye doctor is a long one. However, the vet is A MAGICIAN. A world class cat whisperer, for realz, people. I mean, those of you who know Madeline personally know that she kind of sucks. I joke to say that she has pretty girl syndrome, but it’s not a joke. She really does. She knows she’s super cute and pretty and therefore she doesn’t have to be nice to anyone. I mean, she’s really loving to a few people but it’s a short list.

I was wondering how he was going to be able to look into her eye with specialized equipment without anesthetizing her, but then he mesmerized her with his magic. She was so calm. And she let him examine both eyes with two different apparatuses and take a photo of her eye. Miraculous, I tell you. CAT HYPNOSIS. Anyway, the long and short of it is that she has iris melanosis (duh) but we just have to keep monitoring it to make sure it doesn’t turn into melanoma. He told me that recent research shows that melanosis doesn’t become melanoma necessarily until the very late stages. Also, they don’t remove the eye unless it’s bothering the cat or shows signs of inflammation. And seeing as Madeline can still catch a bug 3 feet in the air, I think her vision is doing fine. After the exam (and paying up big time) the assistant gave her a treat and told me that she’s “really sweet” HAHA! Madeline! Really sweet! Hilarious. And even though we were stuck in traffic on the way back, Madeline didn’t make a peep.

I think my vet specialist is Dr. Doolittle.

P.S. You know what’s great about getting stuck in traffic after a vet visit? Getting to pet your cat while you wait in traffic.