Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Halloween? Check. Fall foliage? Check. Shit tons of snow? Check? That wintery/Christmas feeling? Check?

Doesn’t quite feel like Halloween to me. I also have never seen this part of my state look like such shit. There are cables down everywhere. I must have driven over a dozen of them today. Driving at night is a horrible video game where you are swerving to avoiding hitting huge chunks of downed trees in the middle of the road that isn’t lit. There are no traffic lights so driving during the day isn’t that much better. People don’t have electricity, which means some people don’t have heat or hot water. Very few grocery stores are open. Same for gas stations. You have to drive around to try to find the random gas stations that are open and that have gas. It’s crazy.

The saddest part? Halloween trick o’ treating was basically cancelled. I completely understand because it would have been really dangerous for kids to go trick o’ treating because there are no street lights and there are downed trees on the sidewalks and roads. Also, most houses have no power so I doubt people want to give out candy since the doorbell doesn’t even work. And to top it all off, it’s way too cold for a lot of those flimsy plastic costumes. I mean, obviously, as a kid in New England I remember freezing my little butt off in one of those terrible costumes but this year it is extra cold out.

There goes Halloween 2011. Thanks for nothing, Nor’easter.