1. Sound of Music
So. Many. Children. And a nun. And WWII.

2. Bride Wars
I kind of hate the whole “wedding” thing so this movie is really frightening/nightmare inducing.

3. 27 Dresses
See above. Also, don’t like Katherine Heigl.

4. The Notebook
I haven’t seen this movie but it looks scary. I mean, why are they wet and standing in the rain all the time?

5. The Time Traveller’s Wife
I haven’t seen this movie either but there seems to be a lot of pedaphillia in it. Rachel McAdams is a scary lady.

6. All the Twilights
I’ve seen 5 minutes of one of them. Mormonism and vampires. A scary combination.

7. White Chicks
Haven’t seen this one either but they look so freakish!

8. The Last Airbender
It’s so bad it will give you nightmares.

9. Battlefield Earth
Haven’t seen it but Scientology + John Travolta as a dreadlocked alien? Creepy.

10. Passion of the Christ
A guy gets killed and comes back to life. Zombie documentary.