I love yogurt. It is delicious and nutritious. Lately I have been trying to branch out and try lots of different brands and kinds of yogurt. I will share this data with you now because apparently I’m about to turn 30 and I want to blog extensively about yogurt.

Brown Cow

This yogurt is the bomb diggity. It has a layer of cream on the top. Whaaaaaa? Obviously it is the creamiest yogurt ever. I’m not sure if it is the healthiest, but it is delicious to the max. Fruit on the bottom (I don’t mind these kinds of yogurt). Highly recommended, A.


This Greek yogurt is really thick and creamy, but I find that I have to been in the mood for it. I can’t just eat a Chobani. I have to want it. It’s less sour than Skyr.is (see below) and cheaper, but it’s not as high quality tasting as other yogurts like Fagé, B.

Dannon (Danone) Activia

These yogurts taste pretty good and have a good consistency but I didn’t notice huge changes in my poops. B.


Another Greek/strained yogurt, higher quality I think than Chobani. By the way, if you like making homemade onion dip like I do, use the plain Fagé (or Chobani, I guess) in your recipe. OMG it is amazing. B+.

Liberté yogurt Méditerranée

Another super creamy yogurt, European style and has fruit on the bottom. This one is sweet with a little bit of that Euro tang that Americans don’t appreciate enough. If you can find this kind, get the plum and fig. It will rock your socks off, A.

Olympus Authentic Greek Strained Yogurt

This one has the fruit flavor already mixed in. It’s not as thick as other Greek yogurts and not as sour. A good introduction to Greek yogurt, if you’re scared of trying new things. C+.

Rachel’s Yogurt

I kind of reviewed this one before. I definitely remember that the chai tasted awful but the plum honey lavender was good. Fun and exotic flavors, slightly gummy/runny texture though. C+.

Seven Stars Farm Yogurt

This yogurt is The Shit. It is so delicious and you can do it all. Do you cook with yogurt? This yogurt is great for cooking, great for dip recipes, great for marinades, awesome for making raita or salad dressings. It’s delicious so it’s great for eating just plain or eating with super spicy curries on the side (like a plain raita). It’s smooth and creamy, but still has enough liquid content that it isn’t chunky. Original Plain. DO IT. A+.

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt

This is Icelandic yogurt with fruit on the bottom. I think this yogurt has less sugar than Skyr.is so it is even more tart. They have interesting flavors like Pomegranate Passion Fruit so if you like that, you have an Icelandic choice between Skyr.is and Siggi’s. To be honest though, I prefer Skyr.is. B-.

Skyr.is Icelandic Yogurt

If you like thick yogurt like greek style yogurt that is practically chunky yogurt, then this is the one for you. However, if you don’t like tart yogurt, stay the hell away from this yogurt because this shit is TART. I love it. I love a good tart yogurt, which is probably why I like Pinkberry frozen yogurt so much. But sometimes you want something sweet and creamy and since that’s the texture and flavor I usually associate with yogurt, I give Skyr.is a solid B. Also? It is expensive but it is huge. It usually takes me 2 sittings to eat this yogurt, but it comes with a reusable cap, so good planning, Skyr.is.

So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt

This yogurt is awful. It’s so watery and tastes so strange. I mean, it is dairy free yogurt made from coconut milk but I was really disappointed, D+.

Stonyfield Yogurt

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pinpoint this, but I frakking hate this yogurt. I think because it’s kind of chalky, it has too much separation when you open it, aka there’s a layer of water and the yogurt looks like tofu. Not a fan, not a fan. D.

Wallaby Australian Yogurt

This yogurt is really runny and very smooth. If you like thick, creamy yogurt, this is not for you. BUT the non-fat vanilla has vanilla bean seeds all throughout and it is so freaking delicious. Personally, I think that because this yogurt is so runny, it’s the kind of yogurt that’s great with granola and fruit. It also makes for really good marinades for chicken. Just take your curry and spices and mix it up with some Wallaby yogurt then stir in your diced chicken. Mmmm. Yum. B+.


What the fuck is up with those containers? Most annoying yogurt containers ever. It prevents me from buying the yogurts because the shape is an OCD nightmare. Yogurt gets stuck in lip, most spoons don’t fit comfortably in the container and therefore doesn’t allow for good scraping. Ugh, F- for the container. It’s a solid B yogurt, a little too gelatinous for me to rank it very highly, but the total score is C- because of that horrible container. Not a “good” experience, Yoplait.

So…that’s a lot of yogurt. I skipped some standard yogurts like Light & Fit and Dannon, but they’re really common and ubiquitous yogurts and I wanted to focus on the new ones that I have noticed. I included yoplait because I wanted to complain about it. Nothing to be negative about with Stop and Shop brand yogurt. Got any yogurt recommendations for me?

By the way, if you ever get an opportunity, have an English person pronounce “yoghurt” for you.



11/10/11     amande

Cultured almondmilk yogurt. This tastes really weird. I think if you’re allergic to dairy, soy and gluten this may be a better choice over So Delicious, but it’s really not that great. C+.