Had another busy weekend with lots of random errands and work-work. One of the errands was that I wanted to go to the Apple Store to triage my iPod Touch. It tried to escape from me Friday night and ending up doing a hard belly-flop onto the hard ceramic tiled floor of the bathroom and the screen basically cracked all the way across the width. It actually still works–the screen protector I have on it is actually preventing chunks of glass from flying out of it. I think it’s less of a screen protector and more of a “protecting human eyes and skin from shards of Apple product.” Anyway. The Apple Store is in THE MALL and do you know what else is in THE MALL? The Crack Store Williams Sonoma store. Guess what they had there:


So cute! I saw it in the window and I bought it. I think this may be the definition of “impulse buy” except that I’m going to get a lot out of it. Because….I made a mini apple pie! I actually made two because I had a small pyrex dish  that I used as a pie dish, but this miniature Emile Henry plate is so much better. And CUTER.

A personal sized pie!

Straight out of the oven. Check out that steam. Damn.

A tiny apple pie! I love it so. I really want to get another one, they have a green one online, but I didn’t see it in the store. Not that I’m going to stalk the store or anything. No. Nope. Definitely not.