I never really appreciated brioche until a few months ago we went to FORK: etc in Philly. They had big round and gorgeous brioche buns stuffed with apple but I didn’t get one because I am stupid. Also, I thought that it might be dry and gross. Well, we went back to Fork: etc the day after Halloween and I finally got that brioche. Holy crap. The brioche was so good and this time it was stuffed with raspberry. Mmmmm. Then, coincidentally, I had a Groupon for Hartford Baking Co that I had to use before the expiration date so I went after jury duty. They had brioche à tête there! Of course, technically it was a brioche à tête without the tête, but still. It was so delicious. Not as good as the one from Fork: etc but it was still super delicious and so beautiful! I love those big round tops that brioches tend to have.

While I was at Williams Sonoma I also picked up some brioche tins. They have a solid “Made in France” stamped into the bottom. Not messing around.

I looked up a few recipes, but I mainly followed this recipe from Bon Appétit magazine for Bubble Top Brioches. It’s a two day recipe, I guess kind of standard for a yeast pastry/bread. It uses a shit ton of butter. I don’t really like croissants that much, but I really love the soft, tender and buttery crumb inside a brioche. Mmmmm, butter. French baking is awesome.

I made the dough and wanted to experiment a little. I wanted to see the difference between baking it right away and refrigerating it overnight. Well, there is a huge difference. These are overcooked and look terrible. Lesson learned, refrigerate overnight to let the butter work it’s magic with the flour and eggs. I should have know though because if you refrigerate cookie dough overnight it is miles better than if you bake it right away. Pro tip!

So after that tasty disaster, I baked the dough that had rested in the fridge overnight. After you take it out and let it come to room temperature, it takes an hour to rise.

Harness the power of yeast! Boom.

Brioche molds are so cute. I don’t like the tête part of brioche à tête because it looks weird. I do like the big puffy brioche buns with a large round top.

Buns in the oven! Two more and they would be Octo-buns.

They make such a nice breakfast with a big cup of tea. Mmmmmm.

I’m excited to experiment more with brioches! I’m thinking cinnamon raisin brioches would be killer.

I need more molds. Damn, you Williams Sonoma. You are filled with temptations.