I’m so in love with USPS right now. On Monday I got this photography idea for my birthday in my head. I internet-ed like crazy and ordered the stuff. I was worried I wouldn’t get all the components by the weekend, but by Thursday (technically it arrived at my workplace on Wednesday but it takes a while for mail to get delivered around work), I got this from Massachusetts:

Impossible Project!

And today (Thursday) I got this from Georgia:

It’s from eBay and it is in impeccable condition. I couldn’t be more effing thrilled!!

DAMN, USPS. You guys rock!

I can’t wait to take 30th birthday Polaroids/Impossible Projects. It is going to take a lot of willpower not to take a million pictures à la digital camera style. This will be a good exercise in control and framing.

P.S. Does this officially mean I’m a hipster or something?