It’s December and I’m only now starting to blog about all the fun things I made over Thanksgiving!

A friend sent me a link to these tiny ridiculously cute pies (cookie sized pies) from Smitten Kitchen. I made it a goal to bake some over Thanksgiving. They were too work intensive to be made all the time, but the results were delicious.

I stuffed them with apple and pear. If the ratio of crust to filling in a regular pie is 20% to 80%, then the ratio of these nano pies is flipped. 20% filling and 80% delicious delicious crust. As someone who doesn’t love pie filling, these cute cookie pies are a revelation in pie eating. Hello? Crust lovers? Someone has been going through your dream diary and making the pages COME TRUE.

I made cute little ruffled crusts for some of them! Sadly, you can eat them a lot faster than you can make them. They seem to be perfect for freezing and baking at will. This option must be further explored in the future.