I made tons of stuff between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not the least of which was THE BEST PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE EVAR™. Here are some pics.

You can get that stencil here.

I made a lot of different meringues: plain, almond and peppermint. It was a really good learning experience due to a lot of failed meringues. I own you now, egg whites.

All of which went into these Christmas gift bags that I made for my co-workers.

Those Ghirardelli peppermint barks are DELICIOUS, by the way. Good thing there was only one left for me to eat after filling the bags because I would have eaten them all.

You can see the almond meringues that I made in that bag. Also? Those fresh rosemary springs that I tied to each bag smelled SO good!

This is pumpkin cheesecake number three that I made for my holiday party at work.

Interesting to note: the cake up there that I made for my mom to bring to her holiday party did not come back. It was demolished. However, the cake that I brought to my work place? Most of it came back with me, much to the joy of my mom and James. I wonder who works with the fatties and who does not? I’ll let you decide.

Also, of course I made low-cal, low oil, oven crisped latkes. They were sooo good. I love latkes. Especially latkes without all the oil.

Yum! Hanukkah food. Is that apple sauce in the background? Yes it is. Apple sauce and sour cream. So delish.

First post of 2012 has 6 pics of food that I made. It’s a good start.