From what I gather from the internets, I am a slow knitter. One reason for this is that I knit English style, as opposed to Continental which is much faster. Perhaps because of this I’ve been putting more effort into cooking than knitting and sewing. And by cooking, I mean playing a lot of Scramble with Friends.

I’ve tried to teach/make myself Continental knitting. I can actually kind of do it, but because I am such a noob, it’s actually SLOWER than my English style, so it makes me fall back on English style. Vicious circle! I should knit a  scarf that is 100% stockinette so that I can practice. Anyone out there want a scarf that is probably going to have uneven stitches??

It’s not that I don’t want to knit. It’s just lost it’s magic or something. Like knitting and I fell into a comfortable groove, but then it got harder and harder to spend time with it and knitting started to take me for granted and bought a red sports car without asking me. Or, more likely, I just got turned off by how slow it is. It takes me forever to finish a project now. I guess I’m hitting some kind of knitter’s block or  maybe I’m just bad at knitting or something.

Anyway, like most couples in dire straits, I turned to the internet and specifically shopping to try to reactivate my lust for knitting. I follow a lot of knitting blogs and I saw these hat kits turn up one day in my Google Reader so I bought one. This kit is from one of the kitting world’s most beloved designers so I hope it will do the trick and get me back into the knitting fold. I’ve never used a knitting kit for anything so it’s kind of exciting.

Right now are you wondering why these pictures are so shitty? Well, let me tell you! I took these with my new (used) iPhone (3GS)! Super crappy but soooo convenient.

More on my new (old) phone later. For now, YARN! And not only yarn, but Brooklyn Tweed yarn! If you are a knitter, you should be squeeing right now with me. This is my first tactile experience with his yarn (this is Loft yarn, not Shelter).

And yes, that is an Ikea pillowcase.